We Be Illin’ – 2010 Game 9
November 1, 2010

I’ve been mostly successful this season at keeping my editorial voice out of the weekly wallpapers. However, this week poses several challenges in the “making fun of the opponent” category: a team with a Native American nickname and a program with no discernible traditions. Combine that with my utter disgust after Saturday’s game and this is what you get. Actually, I had already finalized the concept for this Illinois wallpaper BEFORE the Penn State game and the original title was “They Be Illin'” but now it is me and you, fellow Michigan fan, who are doin’ the illin’. I’ve changed the title to reflect how I feel at this point in the season; I was so disappointed after the loss at Happy Valley that I almost posted a completely blank wallpaper with the vow to continue posting blank wallpapers until the next win but, after three consecutive losses, designing these wallpapers is the one thing that helps me to move on emotionally (like art therapy).

That said, I haven’t completely abandoned hope that this team can meet my original pre-season expectation of 7 wins and I’m firmly in the “let’s wait until the last game is played before we cry for firings and lynchings and the like” camp. Here’s to hoping that by late on Saturday afternoon we will all have moved on from illin’ to celebratin’ 6 wins and bowl eligibility.

I had several versions of this wallpaper bouncing around my head last week: everything from tackle twill letters on a retro track jacket to a blinged-out gold chain with diamond-encrusted letters ala Run DMC. I like where this ended up much better; the hoodie and lettering feel appropriately distressed and it gave me a very natural way to turn the last “I” into an apostrophe.

Michigan Football Schedule Wallpaper 2010 - Illinois