The Game – 2010 Game 12
November 22, 2010

The greatest rivalry in college football? It certainly hasn’t felt like it for the last decade as Ohio State has dominated Michigan, winning 8 of 10 games since 2000.

This week’s wallpaper is an artistic expression of the questions I’m asking as a Michigan fan. Will the darkness cast by the dominance of our bitter rival continue to spread, lending credibility to the sentiment that the program is eroding, or is the growth we’ve seen this year a genuine indicator of a future return to glory? I’m a defensive optimist at heart, so this season I’ve maintained realistic expectations while believing that better days are ahead.

I wanted the artwork for ‘The Game’ to capture the epic feel of the rivalry. My initial concept called for colliding planets, but I like the simplicity of one planet where the battle is fought over the same land. I also wanted the artwork to have an otherworldly feel, like how the rivalry would look if it was interpreted as a photo-real animated film where the good guys are represented by light and life and growth, and the bad guys are all shadow and concrete and harsh technology. I’m not sure if the message is any stronger here than it is with some of my simpler artwork (i.e. Maize is Blue) but I enjoyed the challenge of creating something with a high level of depth and detail.

How it was made

I’ve captured the creation of this week’s wallpaper artwork and sped up the footage to condense a whole bunch of hours (more than I care to admit) into a little under 5 minutes of video. If you like edge-of-your-seat action and nonstop excitement, then you probably shouldn’t bother to watch this video.

Michigan Football Schedule Wallpaper 2010 - Ohio State