I Think We Can! I Think We Can! – 2010 Game 10 November 8, 2010

Update: A reader at MGoBlog asked me if the title of this week’s wallpaper was a reference to Michigan Defensive Coordinator Greg Robinson’s last press conference as head coach at Syracuse. The reference was purely accidental. I had completely forgotten about that press conference, but take a look at the video clip starting at about the 0:50 mark; funny coincidence. Or is it? (It is.)

According to the official Purdue Athletics web site, “Over the years, Purdue teams had been called grangers, pumpkin-shuckers, railsplitters, cornfield sailors, blacksmiths, foundry hands and, finally, boilermakers. That last one stuck.” I’m more than just a little broken up that history stole from me the opportunity to design a “pumpkin-shuckers” wallpaper. Sigh. Instead, a replica of a Victorian-era locomotive became the official mascot of the Boilermakers in 1930 “to exemplify the engineering and agrarian heritage of Purdue.” Because nothing says “intimidation” like agrarian symbolism.

For the last two seasons Michigan fans have seen “easy wins” against Purdue devolve into soul-crushing defeats. As I anticipate next weekend’s contest, I see in my mind’s eye a damsel draped in maize, tied to train tracks, terror in her eyes. A whistle echoes from the depths of a tunnel. The tracks rumble. A small light flashes in the darkness. The damsel turns away and closes her eyes. Where is her hero? Has she no defender? No, like our 2010 team, she is defenseless. What will emerge from the tunnel? Will it be a full-size freight train that rips her into a thousand pieces, or a miniature model train that bounces harmlessly off her rope-bound body?

How it was made

I used screen capture software to record the creation of this week’s wallpaper artwork and sped up the footage to condense 4 hours of design time into just over 4 minutes of video. If you like watching paint dry, or if you want to see the Photoshop equivalent of Bob Ross ruining a perfectly good painting with a giant foreground tree, then this video is for you.

Michigan Football Schedule Wallpaper 2010 - Purdue


  1. 100% awesome. I love your work. Downloading these is a part of my Monday routine and builds the excitement for each week. Please keep it up this is just awesome.

  • Love the video!

  • So awesome, really liked the video too.

  • Amazing work as always.

    I really like how at first glance this seems a little dark, and gives that worried feeling we all have for Michigan this year. And then you notice the little choo choo train and remember, aw its just Purdue!

    Excellent work my friend!

  • Nice art work. Thank you for posting the video. I’m really curious as to how you do these pictures. Now it all makes sense!!! Go Blue!!

  • Perfect, loved watching the video.

  • Awesome work, of course….and awesome video! Appreciate your hard work.

  • I love the title this week, because, even though last week was so horrible for so many reasons, it still manages to give me a glimmer of hope.

  • I noticed in the video it looked like you had wins and losses marked next to each game, yet not in the final. Any reason?

  • David, good observation. If you download any of the actual wallpapers using the links below the video clip, you’ll see that the wins and losses are actually there. I leave them out of my preview images because it would add an hour to my time commitment each week to update all of the past week’s previews. I do, however, update the wins and losses on past wallpapers every other week or so.

  • Great work keep it coming

  • Really really dig the work! Most unfortunately this is the first (Purdue) game of the season I became aware of these masterful game-prep wall papers. I went back through all the wall papers for the season and have been disseminating them to all my maize and blue brethren and sistren (?), many thanks for this priceless and incredibly enjoyable Michigan media. Can’t wait to see the OSU wallpaper. Will you be doing a celebratory bowl wallpaper?

  • Log-nuts, sorry you missed out on the early season wallpapers but I’m glad to hear that you like them and that you are sharing them with the brethren and sistren (loved your made up word). I am definitely planning something special for the bowl game once the bowl bid is announced. I’m hoping that the OSU wallpaper looks as good when it is done as it does in my head…sometimes the translation from imagination to pixels can be a little painful.

  • Awesome! You made wallpapers.. That’s wonderful. I would like to learn how to use wallpaper.. You could teach me.. I will do the best, I can… Thumb up! Go Blue!

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