Cheesehead Cross Stitch – 2010 Game 11 November 15, 2010

Wisconsin is cheese and football and funny accents, so I had considered several images for this week’s wallpaper including a moldy wedge of cheese, some appropriately mocking phrases with Wisconsonese phonetic spelling or a play on the mining roots of the “Badgers” nickname. I wasn’t sure until very late what stereotypical Wisconsin imagery I would use, but I knew from the beginning that the image would be rendered as a cross stitch because you can probably walk into any home in Wisconsin and find a framed cross stitch on the wall. Most cross stitch art is tacky and cliché, so I’ve created a tacky and cliché image of a Wisconsin football player with a literal cheesehead.

How it was made – Sorry, no video this week

As usual the artwork is all digital, though somewhere along the way I started to wonder whether it would have been faster to actually cross stitch the thing and photograph it. Probably not, but after copying and positioning hundreds of individual thread images I may have a full-blown case of stitcher’s hand. I captured the creation of this week’s wallpaper on video but unfortunately I had some unresolvable issues and won’t be able to share it with you. I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to resume the video demos with next week’s Ohio State artwork.

Michigan Football Schedule Wallpaper 2010 - Wisconsin


  1. Thank you so much for doing these.
    It has been wonderful having my desktop have these wallpapers every week.

    I hope you continue to do them!

  • I can’t tell you the joy I have had in looking and downloading these creations of yours. Those that I have shown, have echoed those sentiments. Thank you!

  • Awesome work as always! I agree with Josh that it has been wonderful using your wallpapers each week. I normaly create, or edit together something for myself and change it up every few weeks, but since September I have had your wallpapers in a constant rotation!

    I am so looking forward to your take on ‘The Game’, and the bowl game!

    GO BLUE!

  • Thanks Josh. I definitely plan on continuing through the end of the season (and beyond).

  • Phil, thanks for sharing the artwork and for taking time to comment.

  • Chris, I’m looking forward to the wallpaper for The Game too. I have some special things planned for the lead up to the bowl game, especially if Michigan ends up playing here in Tempe at the Insight Bowl. I appreciate your feedback and am really happy that you enjoy using the wallpapers.

  • i love it

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