Scrap Wood – 2012 Season September 3, 2012

Update: I’ve posted new wallpapers with the correct schedule.

I didn’t expect a win against Alabama but I’d hoped for something a little less embarrassing. I needed a wallpaper palate cleanser so I disassembled last week’s wood-themed wallpaper and used the scraps to build this schedule with retro-ized opponent helmets rendered in my 3D stadium.

I hope this will get you through a couple of weeks. I’m going to disappear for awhile but will return with new artwork for one or two of the rivalry games. I have some fun things planned including that ambitious project I mentioned at the end of last season.

Michigan Football Schedule Wallpaper 2012 - Scrap Wood

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Michigan Football Schedule Wallpaper 2012 - Scrap Wood


  1. Looks great, but we’re playing MSU at home and will be away for Minnesota this season, right?

  • You’re right Dave. I’ve updated the wallpaper with the correct schedule.

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