Naughty or Nice – Christmas 2010 December 20, 2010

If you were Santa Claus would the Michigan football program be on your Naughty list or your Nice list this year? How about Coach Rich Rodriguez? Do you approve of the behavior of Athletic Director Dave Brandon? Whatever your position, I have a Christmas gift for you. I’ve created two holiday-themed wallpapers so that you can choose the one that best represents your spirit this football season. If you had Santa’s freakish ability to squeeze down chimneys (and his immunity from breaking and entering charges) would you deliver a lump of coal or a tasty gingerbread treat?

Feel free to regift.

How it was made

The lump of coal for the Naughty image came together rather painlessly but as you can see from the video I really struggled with the Nice image. If you watch closely you’ll see several discarded concepts including a gift box with a bow (looked too tacky) and a candy cane (colors were too Ohio State-ish) so I landed on the gingerbread house (which is arguably more tacky than the gift, but you get what you get and you don’t get upset). I sped up the footage to condense several life-wastingly long design sessions into a little under 3 minutes of video. If you’re looking for an alcohol-free way to numb your emotional distress this holiday season this video is for you.

Michigan Football Wallpaper - Naughty or Nice - Christmas 2010


  1. Both great wallpapers, and added to the rotation on the ol’ desktop!

    If I were Santa Clause I think I would have to give the program a big lump of coal this year (except for D-Rob and the offense). Especially Dave Brandon. I can respect his decision to evaluate coaches after their season is done, but football is in a unique situation. For one, if Rodriguez is out, then he should be given the opportunity to take some of the cake jobs that have opened up (and mostly closed down now) this season. The only way get gets on the nice list is if a coaching change is already in the works and both the new coach (Harbaugh?) and Rodriguez know about it now.

    Thanks again for the great wallpapers!

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