Turpigskin – Thanksgiving 2010 November 24, 2010

Turkey and football are two pillars of the American Thanksgiving tradition, so I’ve combined the two into one disgusting image that I sincerely hope does not spoil your Thanksgiving appetite.

On my list of things that are worthy of giving thanks, there are many things that come before Michigan football. But not that many things. After two losing seasons, and in the midst of infighting amongst fans, it’s easy to overlook the positives and forget about what we love about Michigan football. Now, I won’t find seven or eight wins acceptable in any future season, but this is one example of something that is worth being thankful for given the current state of the program: a winning season. Here’s the rest of my 2010 Michigan Football Thanksgiving list of thankful giving of thanks:

Bowl eligibility.

Denard Robinson vs Notre Dame.

An explosive offense.

Cease & desist letters for fake action figures that are not followed by lawsuits.

Tiny receivers who block like linemen.

Huge receivers who turn 50-50 jump balls into touchdowns.

Roy Roundtree’s dependability.

Roy Roundtree’s interviewability.

Winged helmets.

My daughter’s winged helmet beanie.

A ‘scrappy’ backup quarterback (with wings on his helmet and everything).

Having not one, but two Michigan games to look forward to after Thanksgiving.

Watching Michigan vs Ohio State with friends and family.

The ability, time and venue to share my art with fellow fans.

How it was made

I’ve captured the creation of this special edition Thanksgiving wallpaper artwork and sped up the footage to condense a little over 2 hours of design time into just under 2 minutes of video. Watching this video is a little like watching Martha Stewart prepare a meal, but without Martha Stewart, without the food and without a purpose.

What’s on your 2010 Michigan Football ‘thankful for’ list?

Michigan Football Wallpaper - Thanksgiving 2010


  1. Fantastic work on this and all the other wallpapers. I plan on leaving the M-OSU one up for awhile.

  • Two great backgrounds in a week? Color me thankful!!

    You’ve done a great job covering a 2010 Michigan thankful list, but I would have to add:

    Denard Robinson’s Big Ten and NCAA record breaking numbers!

    A Michigan offense that can keep them in the thick of any match up.

    And of course great Michigan Wallpapers every week!

  • This is the only place i’ve been able to find Widescreen Desktop versions. THANKS A LOT!!!

    PS-I plan on leaving the UM-OSU one up for awhile too :)

  • Thanks again for all the great wallpapers. I was planning on leaving the M-OSU one up for quite a while, but after last Saturday I think I’m going to have to stick with the Turpigskin! Hopefully you’ll be kind enough to grace us with some periodic wall papers to get us through the offseason!

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