Bowl Bid – 2011 Gator Bowl December 6, 2010

This is the first in a series of wallpapers leading up to the 2011 Gator Bowl. I wanted to have a basic name-of-the-bowl-game-themed wallpaper in place while I work on the opponent-specific graphics over the next few weeks. I also might produce a state-of-the-program commentary and will hopefully finish that Denard Robinson Action Figure behind-the-scenes article I’ve been promising. If there’s time left after all of that I’d like to write a less-hyphenated version of this paragraph.

After the bowl destination and opponent were announced yesterday I did some superficial research on Mississippi State and was surprised at how close they played some of their highly ranked opponents (they only lost to Auburn by 3 and Arkansas by 7 in double overtime). I realize that the W-L column and game scores are statistically less significant than other data sure to appear over the next month in the writings of football minds much greater than mine, but I didn’t have room for a grid of opponent points per possession adjusted for field position, strength of schedule and coach seat hotness so all you’re getting on this wallpaper are the basics.

Michigan Football Wallpaper - Bowl Bid - 2011 Gator Bowl


  1. I await your wallpapers with baited breath, and am impressed each and every time.

    I can’t wait to see what else you bring up before the game. I’m picturing the stadium with Harbaugh’s shadow overlaying it? Denard being changed by a pack of tired Bulldogs? Battle of the Block M? A chair on fire?

    I have no doubt that whatever you come up with, you will impress, amuse, and inspire us all in addition to brightening up all of our backgrounds!


  • Well done, again

  • So I have been using every single one of your backgrounds and decided it was time to comment. I love all of your work and I have been following your website since a little before the cease and desist debacle. You do amazing work and thank you very much for making this available to all the Wolverine fans out there. I looked forward to that new background every week. I hope I can look forward to more backgrounds next season! Again, thank you so much to these awesome works of art!

  • Love the gator wallpaper! Well done!! Can’t wait to see the rest of them….

  • Just came across your site and thse wallpapers are great! The quality is top notch!

    Any chance we see some M Hoops ones coming soon too?

  • I love your work and appreciate the time this took, so pardon the question: Is that a crocodile, not a gator? Crocs upper and lower teeth are visible when their mouth is closed and their jaws are more narrow than a gator. The animal above seems to be a croc.

  • JW, question pardoned. Someone actually asked a similar question on my post at MGoBlog, but he one-upped you by identifying the animal as a “gharial (also known as an Indian crocodile)”. My response to him will be the same to you, so probably more efficient to simply quote myself…”I honestly went through some intense internal debate about whether to use this photo. It’s great that you looked closely enough to notice. I’m no animal expert, but I’m pretty sure that you’re correct: the animal in my photo is NOT (strictly speaking) a common alligator. The choice came down to this awesome photo of gator-like animal or a pedestrian but accurate gator photo. I’m usually a stickler for accuracy but this image was too good to pass up. I have a similar feeling of guilt about the Indiana wallpaper because the uniorm on the basketball player looks nothing like the uniforms Indiana wore back then (or at any time in their history).”

  • Sorry Jeff. I’ve got to limit it to football for now but I am considering doing season-specific wallpapers for basketball and hockey next year.

  • Wow. I was looking for some Mississippi State (as a student and fan) wallpapers in anticipation of the Gator Bowl on the 1st, but I had to comment. Your work is simply amazing. I’ve even been sifting through your older stuff, just because I wanted to see your other works. Also, thanks for noticing the close games between Auburn and Arkansas. They were heartbreaking to watch in person.

    Oh, and on the whole alligator vs crocodile debate, the picture did have me going, “Hey, I’m pretty sure that’s a crocodile”, but you know what, it’s simply too good of a photo for me to simply bypass it.

  • Jacob, thank you for your for comments. Mississippi State has a very solid team and I’m hopeful that we’ll get a very competitive game on January 1. Your offense is sure to score some points against our struggling defense…I’m hoping that Denard Robinson is healthy enough to allow Michigan to keep pace.

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